Cov Tri Achieve

What is Cov Tri Achieve?

Cov Tri Achieve is a training plan service for club members, the aim is to build your fitness through targeted workouts, getting you to your race day feeling confident and well prepared.

Who is it for?
Anyone with a current Cov Tri annual membership.

How does it work?
Through TrainingPeaks and connections to other fitness services (such as Garmin/Zwift) it will send the structured workouts to your devices (watch/bike computer/etc).

Everyone that signs up is put on a base training plan (two options, around 6-8 or 10-11 hours a week depending on athlete availability), this is designed to steadily build and maintain fitness. Once you have some races in your calendar, we can then look at loading the event specific plans, these are various durations depending on the event and they switch up the sessions to cater for the demands of the race distance you’re training for (i.e. a Sprint plan will focus on higher/shorter efforts whereas a 70.3 plan will build endurance). Once you’ve completed your event, you’ll have a lighter recovery week and then drop back on to the base plan.

The intensity of the sessions is set by your threshold values (depending on what’s most appropriate), running sessions are prescribed in zones relative to your threshold pace, bike sessions either FTP% for shorter/turbo sessions or HR zones for longer endurance ones (you’ll still have a FTP% guide for these too if you have a power meter), swim sessions are the easy/mod/hard you’ll be familiar with from the club sessions and/or CSS+/-seconds. The sessions also have 0-10/10 RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) advice attached.

To ensure the sessions are the correct intensity for you as you progress, we will periodically test the above.

Who has used it before?
Current Users: Sue Cannaby, Abby Preston, Allan Walsh, Catherine Benn, David Aberton, Paul Dodson, Malc Evans, Paul Griffin, Keith Packham, Hattie Sibbick, Stephen Spooner, Sarah White

Achieve and Keith

What is TrainingPeaks?
TrainingPeaks is the website/app where your planned sessions are stored on a training calendar, these are then sent to whatever services you have linked (ie Garmin). Once you have completed a workout, the information will be sent back to TrainingPeaks and you can see how you got on.

What level does it apply to?
Everyone from first-time novices to experienced athletes, whether you’re looking to step up to the next race distance, chasing a PB, or simply want to increase your fitness level.

How much does it cost?
Monthly £5
Quarterly £15
Yearly £48
(Subscriptions run from the date of purchase)

How can I sign up?
Purchase an Achieve subscription via TeamUp by clicking the button link below.

Achieve sign-up

Once purchased forward your confirmation email to: ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.