How to join

For membership we need payment and your personal details.

Please purchase your membership here, and then fill in our joining form.


Benefits of membership

There are many benefits to joining the club, the main ones are listed below:


  • Coventry Triathletes is affiliated to ‘British Triathlon Federation’ (BTF), fully paid up club members have Public & Products Liability insurance cover when involved in any organised club activity.
  • Members enjoy a reduced fee for membership to ‘British Triathlon Federation’ (BTF) which in turn lowers your entry fees at almost every event and provides further insurance while racing.
  • A race calendar is published on the website listing events that other members are competing in so that any athlete can who they might travel with and/or support.


  • Perhaps the biggest benefit to joining any Club, but particularly ours, is the help and support athletes of all abilities can receives from other members while training and racing. Along side the organised sessions listed below, there are many opportunities for new athletes to get support and guidence from very experienced members in all three disciplines and new members are encouraged to ask for that support.
  • The Club organises swim sessions all year round; open water swimming during the summer and coached indoor sessions during the winter, including video recording & analysis of swim technique if required.
  • Members regularly organise Club cycling sessions throughout the summer and during the winter there is an organised spinning session at a club in Coventry, which members pay a reduced fee to participate in.
  • Access to qualified club coaches & experienced triathletes for advice on various aspects of the sport.

Further benefits

  • Discounts at ’some’ local sports shops.
  • Access to the members only section of the website.
  • Open, friendly atmosphere where each member, whatever their level, is encouraged to get the most enjoyment from the sport that they can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further details on any of the above items.


Also check out the club constitution available here and other club policies here.


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