Run Sessions

We run a weekly non-coached running session at 6.30pm on Tuesdays at the War Memorial Park. We meet by the height-restricted barrier at the entrance to the main car park. In the winter, the sessions are run on a section of footpath with street lighting by the café. In the summer, they are on a section of footpath by the pavilion.

The session is led by a member of the club or a coach, but is not a coached session (so the person leading the session will also take part in it). There is no need to sign up to participate in running sessions and we do not take a register. All the sessions are based on time intervals rather than distance, and are conducted in a small circuit, to keep the group together and ensure no one gets left behind. This is an important aspect of our inclusive approach to our sessions

We run or walk from the meeting place to the session start area, often incorporating a longer loop round towards the tennis courts and war memorial as part of the warm up. Once at the place where we run the session, there will be an extended warm up with running drills.

Types of running session

We usually rotate between four different running sessions. Occasionally, the session leader may introduce an ad hoc session such as hill reps, run technique work or similar. Generally, the session will be posted on the club Facebook group during the day on Tuesday. If the session has to be cancelled because of bad weather (eg snow, ice, thunderstorms or extreme heat) we will try and give at least 4 hours notice on the club Facebook group.

The sessions we run are principally aimed at improving running technique and your 5km run time. If you are looking to train for longer runs, we recommend posting on the club Facebook group to seek a running buddy at the appropriate pace for longer continuous running sessions.

Four minute intervals: 6 x 4 minute intervals with around 2 minutes recovery. Aim is to run at/slightly above your 5km pace.

Fartlek: 35 minute continuous run alternating pace between hard and easy. The session leader will guide you as to which sections are run hard and which are easy.

Three minute intervals: 8 x 3 minute intervals with around 2 minutes recovery. Aim is to run above 5km pace.

Pyramids: 2 x descending pyramids of 6 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes, with around 2 minutes recovery in between each section. Aim is to run just below 5km for 6 minutes, on 5km pace for 4 minutes and above 5 km pace for 2 minutes.

General points on running

 As this is a led session, not a coached session, participation is at everyone’s own risk. If you have a medical condition requiring medication (such as asthma or allergies), please ensure you bring your medication with you.

If you have to leave the session early for any reason, please let the session leader know before you leave.

Ensure you bring appropriate clothing and nutrition for the weather conditions.

The park is a mixed use public space. We share the paths with other running groups, pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers etc. Please be aware of, and be courteous to, other park users at all times.

In the winter, we recommend that you get to and from the session start area via the footpaths with street lighting, and stay in a group if possible.

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